Air Amplifiers

Adjustable air amplifiers have good amplification results and are very easy to use. The intake air regulating orifice is adjustable and the flow goes from a light breeze to a strong gust. These air amplifiers are available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel for food grade, high temperatures (400 ° F / 204 ° C), and corrosive environments, we also have amplifiers for temperatures above 700 ° F (374 ° C).

The force and flow for the air amplifier is adjusted by turning the choke end (with the release ring loose) to open or close the air blast. When the desired force and flow is obtained, only tighten the clamping ring. In most cases .05mm to .10mm tolerance is ideal.

Air Amplifiers We Use

Air Amplifier
Adjustable Air Amplifiers

The air gap is infinitely adjustable which regulates the consumption and outlet flow from a “breeze” to a “blast”. They are available in aluminum or in stainless steel for food service, higher temperatures (400°F/204°C), and corrosive applications.

Super air amplifier
Super Air Amplifiers

EXAIR’s Super Air Amplifier has a patented design that uses a special shim to maintain critical position of the component parts. As a result, a precise amount of compressed air is released at exact intervals toward the center of the Super Air Amplifier.


Why Air Amplifiers?

Air Amplifiers have no moving parts, assuring maintenance-free operation. No electricity is required. Flow, vacuum and velocity are easy to control. Outlet flows are easily adjusted by opening or closing the air gap.

Supply air pressure can be regulated to fine tune outlet flow to meet application needs. Both the vacuum and discharge ends of the Air Amplifier can be ducted, making them ideal for drawing fresh air from another location, or moving smoke and fumes away.